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I was listening to Benji B’s Deviation show the other night and heard this lovely track soothing my ears. I must admit I’m a sucker for flutes so no suprise I fell in love with “Satin White” by Morgan Zarate. Check out Steve Parks’ “Movin In The Right Direction” for more ill flutes.

Now you might have heard his immensly dope song M.A.B – with (heavenly) Sarah Ann Webb on the vocals – that was on the Producer No. 1 album (Fat City Records). Another big tune you might have heard is “Sticks and Stones” featuring Eska and Ghostface Killah. I really hope we’ll hear a lot more of Morgan in the future, simply because this London producer is one of my favorites. In case you haven’t got M.A.B yet…buy it HERE! Oh and thanks to Fatsarazzi for the photo..

Morgan Zarate – Satin White (CDR)