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Now how many people are born with the perfect DJ name? Amsterdam based Turne Edwards aka DJ Turne was one of these lucky dogs. His legendary “Turne it up dillalicious mixtape vol 1” got mad respect from all over the globe and was actually finished the day before Dilla died. If you haven’t played this a million times yet hurry up and get it.

Since it’s spring again (no Biz Markie), Turne decided to bless everyone with a brand new mixtape and we at Moovmnt were down to host it of course. So do yourself and your friends a huge favor and download “Big Guys Need Love 2” if you love that sweet dilladwelelittlebrotherspinnaerykahbaduslumvilld’angelo kinda sound you can vibe to.

DJ Turne – Big Guys Need Love 2 DOWNLOAD