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If you are looking for a new sound, a raw, soulful, hip-hop distinct sound, a sound different from the solo beat machine, then you must listen to Ab and Daru’s “A Work in Progress”. This new Midwest sound is a combination of live instrumentation and the refreshingly vibrant, eclectic soulful vocals of AB placed over the music of beat maker/drummer, Daru. 

I gave the album a listen and came to the conclusion that “A.W.I.P” is a pretty above average release. You get some very nice, live beats and AB delivers some nice vocals on the tracks. The guest appearances are the icing on the cake and with Elzhi, T3, Black Milk and Rena you got a damn nice package all together. Tracks like “Voicemail” and “On Deck” can be considered as the best tracks, but don’t underestimate tracks like “All Alone” and “Fresh”. All in all a very nice album and if I’d have to rate it, I guess a 7.5 out of 10 would be in order. Help these guys pay their rent and buy their album on iTunes!

AB & Daru Feat. Elzhi – Voicemail


AB & Daru Feat. Black Milk – On Deck