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So much good music, so little time! It happens to the best of us…we often sleep on artists or specific songs for many reasons. We would like to use “Slept on Sundays” as a weekly reminder and it can also be an eye-opener for us. Every Sunday we’ll be introducing you to either a slept on artist, album or song (whether it be an exclusive, b-side or soundtrack exclusive).

For us it’s nice to be able to dig back a little and off course we’d love you to send us music for Slept on Sundays as well! Don’t be shy, but don’t be sending us your demo tapes or nothing. That’s not what this is about. Let us know what you think of these weekly posts and don’t be shy…we’d like to hear your honest opinion.

A couple of months ago I stumbled onto this new soul singer called Anam Owili-Eger and I thought he sounded a bit like Donnie – who happens to have dropped one of my all time favorite albums “The Colored Section” – and I checked out his album “These Subtle Declarations” which had a couple of nice songs on it. The best track on there is our first Slept on Sundays post so enjoy!

Anam Owili-Eger – The Moment