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All we can say about this release is…WOW. Eventhough this is not the best DJ Mitsu the Beats album ever…it’s still one hell of an album with some killer highlights.

The title track “A Word To The Wise” is not what I hoped it would be, but the second joint “Ridin'” with Kev Brown and Cy Young made up for this for sure. Together with Jose James Mitsu brings us “Promise In Love” and this nothing less than a beautiful, jazzy song – come on who doesn’t love horns? Now “Night In Vienna” might or might not be your cup of tea, but for me personally this is the nicest (full of flutiness) non-hiphop song on the entire album. It takes me back to the mid seventies with its uptempo soulfulness.

Now after a couple of mediocre tracks we get to the nitty gritty. The best hiphop tracks on “A Word To The Wise” are “The Game Changer” featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow & Wild Child (certified funky banger!) and the previously leaked “Untitled” joint with Elzhi. Even if you heard it before…this Detroit banger is still sick. To finish it off…”Dim Skyline” with Mark de Clive Low. What can we say? An attempt to genius, but it just didn’t have enough variation in it to be called that. Nevertheless very pleased to hear Mark de Clive Low again! Okay we’re done…oh wait. Ivana Santilli ends this review with “Playing Again”. Soulful, lovely…done. 8 out of 10..that’s what’s up.

Nothing to add anymore…so check it out for yourself. Put May 27th in your agenda and make sure you buy this highly anticipated album (that won’t disappoint you) released on PlanetGroove/Jazzy Sport!!

DJ Mitsu the Beats – The Game Changer Feat. Wild Child & Georgia Anne Muldrow


DJ Mitsu the Beats – “Untitled” Feat. Elzhi


01. Intro
02. A Word To The Wise feat. Grap Luva
03. Ridin’ Around feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young
04. (UNTITLE) feat. LMNO
05. Play Wit Crime feat. Maspyke
06. Promise In Love feat. Jose James
07. Night in Vienna
08. The Way feat. Colonel Red
09. Hard Candy feat. Mathematik
10. The Game Changer Feat.Wild Child & Georgia Anne Muldrow
11. Free Your Mind feat. Black Spade
12. Tokyo Girl feat. Maspyke
13. (UNTITLE) feat. elzhi (Slum Village)
14. Dim Skyline feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe
15. Impulze feat. Mathematik
16. Re-Estimate
17. Ex Lovers feat. Dynamic Duo
18. Playing Again feat. Ivana Santilli