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One thing is clear when listening to Lee Fields’ 2009 release ‘My World’: this record could easily be mistaken for an unearthed diamond that is finally brought to surface after at least 35 years. Vintage soul and funk sounds from the late 60’s and early 70’s are perfectly captured here in ballads, uptempo grooves and interludes by the Expressions, Lee’s backing band and the team behind Brooklyn’s Truth & Soul Records.

Fields has been making records ever since his departure from his religious upbringing in North Carliona and move to New York in 1969. This old soul is still alive and kicking today, singing with a voice both tender and sand-paper rough on records in the vein of Otis Redding and Bobby Womack. On this solid album filled with thick drumgrooves, horns and string sections, Fields deals with the themes; such as heartaches, adoration of loved ones and social problems; that have been so common in soul and funk music. Rather than sounding dated and overly-familiar, Lee and his band succeed in writing songs that will last throughout time to remain relevant today.

It’s hard to pick highlights in such a well put-together album. Standout tracks are delivered when Lee yearns for affection on ‘Love Comes And Goes’ and ‘The Only One Loving You’; is driven almost to tears after being left behind in ‘Honey Dove’; and gives social commentary on ‘My World,’ driven by a lush drum groove and strings that will send chills up your spine.

No fillers here, except for the three instrumental tracks, ‘Expressions’ Theme,’ ‘These Moments’ and ‘Last Ride,’ that round out a very nice record, surpassing a number of artists who attempt to capture that old sound but simply fail to write good songs. Visit Rushhour to pre-order the album on VINYL or CD!

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Highly recommended – SD76

Lee Fields & The Expressions – Honey Dove


Lee Fields & The Expressions – My World