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Pseudo Slang, a Buffalo, New York based hip-hop duo comprised of rapper Emcee Sick, of the crewXtracts Of Slang, and producer Tone Atlas, of the crew Pseudo Intellectuals, are proud to announce the release of their new studio LPBroke & Copasetic” – the album’s lead single – features R&B/new soul songstress Vinia Mojica whom we all have been waiting for to drop something new ever since her “Black & Blue” bootleg (with productions by Hi-Tek, DJ Spinna & Ge-0logy). Their first single sounds like hiphop used to sound when I was still into vinyl. I guess that’s a big compliment coming from me nowadays so ya’ll keep an eye out for Pseudo Slang’s new album “We’ll Keep Looking” when it drops June 2nd via Fat Beats Records.

Pseudo Slang – Broke and Copasetic Feat. Vinia Mojica