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Ever since Motown moved to Los Angeles, sunshine and good vibes have been luring the Motor City’s most musically minded to make the same migration. Now, one of Detroit’s trustiest hip hop MCs, Frank Nitt (Frank’N’Dank), heads west to team up with producer Terrace Martin (Snoop Dogg’s Ego Trippin’), hot hookman J.Black, and Cali legend DJ Quik for the new Delicious Vinyl single: “Love”. A perfectly pitched summertime sizzler, “Love” is a celebration of devotion with the slinkiest synths since Zapp and plenty of bump for your swim trunks. Really looking forward to see the video which will be produced by 3shapemedia. Thanks to Delicious Vinyl and buy “Love” on iTunes.

Frank Nitt – Love Feat. J.Black, DJ Quik (Prod. Terrace Martin)