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Here we are again on this crazy, lazy sunday afternoon with a giganticly slept on joint for you to spark. This week it was our buddies from BamaLoveSoul that made us realize we’ve been sleeping on – ex-Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender‘s side project – AZUR (pronounced Az U R) like sleeping beauty. The project was to show off the men’s writing skills and Stu’s own producing talents on the Virgin Records label. The group was to feature a horn section from Cuba, Pino Palladino, and D’Angelo. A single was planned (major worldwide release) for Spring 2000. So what went wrong? It seems Tyrese did. Virgin’s decision to release and promote the Tyrese album seemed to upset Stu. I don’t know why or how fully this is true but we know the result. Virgin Records kept sending money to Stuart & Donny for the AZUR project, but AZUR kept sending back no word. Virgin decided to call it quits and so the album disappeared.

“Love is So Cold” (featuring D’Angelo) was originally slated as “My Baby’s Eyes” for D’Angelo’s Voodoo album, but I guess he cut it. Smooth delivery, subtle bassline and light percussion. I didn’t realize before, but this is on Yoda II release too. So I guess I overslept on this one right here…

The track was also brilliantly sampled by Exile on his latest “Radio” album…Stay Tunes (Stay Here).

Azur – Love Is So Cold Feat. D’Angelo