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Paul White‘s debut album “The Strange Dreams of Paul White” truly sounds how you think it would sound. It can easily be called a collection of madness with a dash of humor in it. Hiphop has probably never sounded more confused about it’s own identity, but I am sure this is a perfect mix between crazyness, funkyness and electronic madness. I can’t help but love the total package that One-Handed Music is offering. Click HERE to find out all about their specials offers!

You can download the first track for free and for the right amount you can get your hands on the limited edition handmade, hand-stamped pillowcase CD. For those who have a little bit more to spend it’s even possible to spend an afternoon making beats with Paul in Lewisham with tea and quite possibly biscuits. If that’s not enough for you you can even get your very own one of a kind dubplate with 2 exclusive beats made that day that absolutely no-one else has. Thanks to Alex from One-Handed Music.
Paul White – City Bright Lights


Paul White – The Composers’ Soundtrack