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First of all I want to thank Miles Bonny for providing us with some new material, and for being the amazing soul singer he is. Apparently “Nothin’ But Chu” is just Miles havin fun over a Jake One beat..nothin official..But it just was too good to remain on the shelves. While you are at it check out the Innatesounds Crew 2009 Sampler..Presented by Miles Bonny & Leonard DStroy. Innatesounds Crew is an affiliation as well as a label, dedicated to creating & spreading, to heal the wounds created by crappy music you are subjected to every moment of your life..Artwork after the jump..

Miles Bonny – Nothin’ But Chu


Innatesounds Crew Sampler



01.  Miles Bonny – INtro (produced by miles bonny)
02.  Reggie B – Traveler (produced by reggie b)
03.  Deep Thinkers – Delicatessen (produced by leonard dstroy)
04.  Ces Cru – Whatever Went Up (produced by miles bonny)
05.  Miles Bonny – On Impulse (produced by te-1)
06.  D/Will – Breaktime (produced by dwill)
07.  Miles Bonny – intermission 1 (produced by miles bonny)
08.  Kutty Slitz – Madaboutit (produced by Leonard dstroy)
09.  Reggie B – Heartbeat (produced by leonard dstroy)
10. Lindquist and Greer – Waiting on the Snare (produced by miles bonny)
11.  Ces Cru – Popfly (produced by miles bonny)
12.  Blue Riddim Band – Queen of the Rub
13.  Stik Figa – The Truth (produced by leonard dstroy)
14.  Ab and Daru – On Deck (produced by daru)
15.  Deep Thinkers  – NoGames (produced by leonard dstroy)
16.  Miles Bonny – Only Heaven feat. smoov & shaunise (prod. by fella vaughn)
17.  Ces Cru – Jungle Gym (produced by leonard dstroy)
18.  Reggie B – Go Ahead and Get It (produced by joc max)
19.  SoundsGood – Rasta Mo (produced by miles bonny)
20.  Kutty Slitz – Only You (produced by leonard dstroy)
21.  D/Will – Fresh off the Charger (produced by dwill)
22.  Miles Bonny – Thighs (produced by murderbot)
23.  Miles Bonny – BlueGreen Interlude (produced by miles bonny)
25.  Ab and Daru – Pure as an Angel (produced by daru)
26.  Ab and Daru – Hindsight (produced by daru)
27.  John Brewer – Fly