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This time the slept on sunday is composer, songwriter and vocalist Aqeel , hailing from Los Angeles, California.
In his early days Aqeel worked with Erykah Badu on a demo, and along side Dr. Dre on ‘The Chronic 2001’ project offering backing vocals and lyrics. In 1999 he was offered a Motown gig in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He stayed 4 and half years honing his skills, deciding to establish himself there. In 2005 he released his debut: Beats And Voices, rated one of the best soul voices in Spain and highly praised in the Spanish media. During the recording of the record, Aqeel met Griffi, highly rated producer in Spain’s hip hop scene, who also did two of the hottest tunes on the album, after which he decided to move to Barcelona to work hand in hand with him. From there a great chemistry began. He collaborated with all the artists on the Del Palo records roster.

Make sure you check out Aqeel’s Freaktape: Inside the mind of an Afro American Angel, and his release on 4Lux “Rock Hard“.

Aqeel – Milk Train


Aqeel – Oh America