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A couple of days ago an envelope dropped on our mat. It turned out our pal Koen had sent us their upcoming album “Nextop”. Now for those who’ve never heard of Blocnotes before…here’s the 411.

Hailing from Groningen, this Dutch trio consists of beat-genius Koen and MC’s Roelie and Vinnie. They’ve been making music for quit a while now and left somewhat of a hiatus…only to return brick-hard with a brand new 11 track album called “Nextop”.

Now we’re known to be the pickiest motherfuckers this side of the planet, but our verdict is BUY! The first two tracks on the album (“Je Hoort Ons” and “Een Lijn”) are so damn dope, we didn’t need to hear any more. It was a done deal and no surprise they made a VIDEO of “Een Lijn”. It was done by Patrick Louwerse and blew our minds. Check it out by clicking on the word VIDEO! As long as we’re doing shout outs…big ups Rebekka Thenu for the additional vocals. Ya’ll can download the sampler HERE (via and don’t forget to BUY “Nextop” at Freshcotton when it drops the first week of July.

Okay here’s the deal! We are giving away an early copy of “Nextop” (plus some neat stickers) for the most original comment about their new song/video “Een Lijn”. Leave as many as you like and next week you might find something on your doormat as well!

Blocnotes – Een Lijn