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Get ready for the third installment already of the “Producer No.2” 7inch series. This release is the will consists of four singles that are set to feature Ras_G, Daedelus, Low Limit, Tandy Love and Anagram Jam, Illum Sphere, Carlos Nino and Mr. Dibiase..

San Fran based Low Limit, one half of Lazer Sword, describe their sound as “your favourite top 40 rap shit chopped up into a tronado filled with razor blades and molasses or Frank Zappa rocking the home made Lil John tank top at the rooftop party”. This pretty much sums up “Inspirational Jumpsuit”.

Straight out of Southern California, we bring you Brainfeeder’s Charles Dickerson aka Mono/Poly with electronics beats that will shake the ground you walk on. Be on the lookout for his upcoming release on Faces Records. “Oil Fields” might be an oldy, but damn it’s still on and crackin’!

Buy this release and support all these wonderfull artists…HERE.

Low Limit – Inspirational Jumpsuit


Mono/Poly – Oil Fields