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The original BB Queen Bahamadia, with her distinctive smooth-monotone flow, has quietly faded into the background. Her first album “Kollage” was a hiphop classic and till this day still brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it. Don’t even get me started on that remix the Roots did for “I Confess”
Anyway, in 2000 she came back with yet another (so forgotten) classic! For many people “BB Queen” was the first time they ever heard Dwele sing and produce & that joint with Slum Village…still sick!

It wasn’t a total surprise that Bahamadia left us with a 5 year hiatus again to come back in 2005 with the slept on album of the week “Good Rap Music”. In my opinion it’s not her best album, but still it does have a couple of nice joints on it worth checking out. The title track was produced by Kev Brown and it also features producers like King Britt and Hezikiah Davis. You gotta love the smart-ass rhymes and buttery flow she’s become so well known for. In case you’re curious and want to buy this album…try Amazon!

Oh peep this DJ Rahdu “Total Wreck: The Encyclopedia of Bahamadia” mix posted by our friends over at BamaLoveSoul. Since their podOmatic reached it’s bandwith be sure to download it HERE.

Bahamadia – Good Rap Music


1. Intro
2. Bahamadia – Funk Vibe
3. Bahamadia – 3 the Hard Way
4. Bahamadia – Special Forces
5. The Boogiemonsters; Bahamadia – Say Word
6. Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu
7. Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu (Ski remix)
8. The Roots; Bahamadia – Proceed III
9. Bahamadia; Dwele – Philadelphia
10. Spacek; Black Thought; Bahamadia – Countdown
11. Erykah Badu; Bahamadia – Funk U Up (Love of My Life Remix)
12. Reflection Eternal; Bahamadia – Chaos
13. Bahamadia – Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)
14. Bahamadia – Total Wreck
15. Bahamadia; Slum Village – One 4 Teen (Jay Dee Remix)
16. King Britt; Bahamadia – Transcend
17. Funk Times Three
18. Bahamadia – Word Play
19. Big Kap – Da Ladies
20. Sweetback; Bahamadia – Au Natural
21. Bahamadia – I Confess (The Roots Remix)
22. Bahamadia; Dwele – Beautiful Things
23. Don’t Fight My Love
24. Bahamadia – True Honey Buns
25. Ursula Rucker; Bahamadia – Path to Rhythm
26. The Herbaliser; Bahamadia – When I Shine
27. The Roots; Bahamadia – Push Up Ya Lighter
28. Mr.Lif; Bahamadia – Breathe
29. Bahamadia – Spontaneity
30. Mathematik; Bahamadia – Following Goals
31. Bahamadia; Rah Digga – Be OK
32. Dwele; Bahamadia – High
33. Bahamadia – Good Rap Music
34. Bahamadia; The Roots – Da Jawn
35. Maiysha; Bahamadia – Celebrity
36. Chops; Bahamadia – B-Girl Session
37. Guru; Bahamadia – Respect the Architect
38. Hezekiah; Bahamadia – Gypsy Slang
39. Bahamadia – Paper Thin