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With the release of “The Oscillations: Square” as an Artist Direct {Digital Exclusive}, avant mod indie label, Rxlngr has taken some unprecidented steps in releasing the compiled works from 2003-2008 of it 1st and arguably most promising artist, Muhsinah. The new installment comes amidst the overwhelming anticipation of the 3rd installment, “The Oscillations: Triangle” (which is still being recorded).

In a nutshell… 7/20 is Muhsinah’s birthday and “The Oscillations: Square” is in a sense, The Golden Girl’s gift to the fans. 13 tracks that would surely be lost to time if not for this release. “Gems” if you will, polished to be shared. Hopefully this will hold you all over until The Oscillations: Triangle is complete. This digital exclusive can be bought via 21bizarre. Oh and happy Birthday to miss Sinah of course!

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