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When is it gonna drop? Crate…where is that joint? Well I got news for you…it’s finally here. Full Crate & Mar kept us in the dark with this one, but “Flirtwitu” is a fact. They hooked up Versis to lace the track and I must say this is the most mature track they’ve made up yet. I love the way Mar brings back the “She Was Fly” and “Aftersexin'” lyrics and those soothing harmonies and caressing bass kicks are the bizness.

Now everybody knows I’m an out-and-out critic, but when the guys played this on a lazy sunday afternoon a while back I was sold. One of Crate’s best productions thus far and Mar is steadily growing up to be a terrific soul singer. When I heard Versis was going to be on this as well, I thought it might be an overkill, but boy was I wrong. He actually finishes the track with finesse and this young cat will most surely be dropping some killer verses in the next few years to come. Artwork was done by Brian Elstak and Moovmnt is hosting it…HERE.

Full Crate & Mar – Flirtwitu ft. Versis