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Now Visita Homemade presents FS Green, Full Crate and Grand Jackson who (under the name Visita Homemade) will be performing with homemade concoctions. Especially for the Visita Family they’re dropping an exclusive mini album. The album contains six different tracks, which will be released during the upcoming three editions off the Visita event. In case you were wondering who on the vocals…it’s the one and only Mar who will be performing live with the Homemade guys as well. We love this initiative and wish brands would do more to promote talented underground artists…real talent stands out! Photo by Paul Sijbers.

This Saturday (August 15th) Bacardi Visita is gonna get buckwild again for the third time. This time in Amsterdam at a marvelous venue on the IJ. Undercurrent Spaces is a floating location next to the NDSM grounds. Here they will hold yet another infamous Bacardi party. DJ’s David Vunk, Louis La Roche (UK) and last but not least the GirlsLoveDJ’s DJ team will be playing this Saturday so check it out. Visit their Hyves and you might win some tickets. The exact location can be found HERE and we from Moovmnt are giving away a couple of free tickets as well. All you have to do is leave a comment about why we should have more FREE parties..easy as that.

Homemade – Feel Like