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One third of LA’s hottest musical force that is the Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Shafiq heads out alone on a stunning soul/jazz/afro/hip hop and funk infused LP, carefully created and crafted from intense studio sessions and on-going conversations, between like-minded friends and family.

SHAFIQ EN’ A-FREE-KA has been entirely composed with an armoury of outboard gear effects, synthesizers, electric guitars, strings, horns, a lot of modulation. “Hip-hop mastered the beat, but they didn’t do nothing with the changes,” says Shafiq. On the album Shafiq recruits Bilal, Sa-Ra member Om’mas Keith, emcee Count Bass D, London’s rising songstress Fatima, Sa-Ra vocalist Rozzi Daime, and a whole army of musicians and engineers. AYK

Shafiq – En’ A-Free-Ka Mix By DJ Lefto