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Last year Brittany Bosco released “The Spectrum” EP and has continued to ride this pulse, making it’s vibrations and sound audible to those in the mainstream industry. She recently released her debut video, “Blues for Blue/Black & White”, and did a lot of performances on both coasts. In September it’s time she crosses the pond and blesses Europe with her onstage presence and golden voice. She will do shows in London, Paris and I heard Rotterdam was on the agenda too…so stay tuned for more info!

Now, with the release of her next compilation, “The Spectrum Re-Release”, followed by BLACK in the fall of 2009 Bosco and The Big Up! creative collective continue to develop the Bosco brand. You might remember we posted “Glitch” a while ago that was produced by Knxwledge. Check out miss Bosco for yourself by visiting her Bandcamp and get yourself some audible niceness while you’re at it.

Brittany Bosco – Glitch


Brittany Bosco – City of Nowhere