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It took ages, or so it seemed, but finally all the audio was gathered and we asked JayHats to mix everything down so it sounds just right. No crappy sound, although please keep in mind that the beats you heard live at the battle may sound a bit differently on thes compilation. If you truly want to relive the moment I suggest you play these beats in a residential area, preferably as loud as possible. For those who weren’t at the Beat Battle at the Rooms of Red Bull…ya’ll missed a CLASSIC! Either way we asked all contestants to donate one beat so we could put together this compilation album.

We called it “The Afterthought” because we thought it necessary to look back on what the f*ck happened that night. Since we know a little extra is always welcome, we added some bonus beats from the number 1 (Hayzee), number 2 (StatikMusic) and number 3 (J’83). And of course made available for free download!

Many thanks to all the beat makers for their beats. Johanna from Apple Juice Break for doing the artwork and JayHats for being the coolest motherfucker out there! This whole event was brought to you by ‘A Moovmnt with Nalden’ so don’t forget to thank Mr. Nalden too. After the jump I put this ill picture Arenda de Hoop shot during the battle and you can find the tracklist in there too…hella nice!