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Early this month I had the honor to meet the one and only B. Bravo and his little bro Kent. I really had fun with those guys and thanks for coming to the Beat Battle at the Rooms of Red Bull. Now I know the album art is not finished yet, but we just had to share this ill remix joint from the upcoming “Computa Love” EP that’s due on Fritenite. Glad we could be of help on your European trip and happy you met cats like DJ Lefto, Simbad, Morgan Zarate, Bullion, Floating PointsFlyherro, Chima, etc. Next time we’re in Frisco you know we’re doing an L.A. trip fo sho! In case ya’ll haven’t heard of B. Bravo before, please check out his last “Anolog Starship” release and buy it at Fritenite or iTunes while you’re at it.

Epcot – Grav I Be (B. Bravo Remix)