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First track is the Little Dragon – Fortune Remix from AFTA-1, which you can only get by supporting Gas’d and buying a ▲❍▼❏ tee at the Gas’d store … you can find some additional information about Gas’d below.

Gas’d is a clothing line created to uplift the massed by relaying one simple truth, “LOVE IS REAL”. Gas’d believes that there is a universal love within all of humanity that is stronger than the ignorance and hate that seems to thrive in our world . We are ALL human, and humanity is what matters. Love for each other and all of humanity can overcome nearly everything in this life. GAS’D will forever embrace this ideal and continue to spread it through clothing, art and all endeavors. GAS’D is ▲❍▼❏. Created By Imani Waddy.

The second remix by Bluntspeakers was made especially for the Little Dragon performance at the WATT in Rotterdam this Wednesday. Sad to say Brittany Bosco will probably not be performing due to problems with her passport. Nevertheless it’s still bound to be a great night.

Little Dragon – Fortune (AFTA-1 Remix)


Little Dragon – Fortune (Bluntspeakers Remix)