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Volume 2 continues where the first left off. Twenty exclusive beats from forward thinking producers the world over. Exciting and contrasting instrumentals from known producers such as Danny Breaks (Alphabet Zoo / Droppin’ Science), Dorian Concept (Kindred Spirits), Dimlite (All City), Ras G (Poobah) & Samiyam (Brain Feeder), Exile (Sound In Color), Fulgeance (Musique Large), Nosaj Thing (Alpha pup) Dizz1, Low Limit & Tiago, Devon, Busy…and more

Compiled by ‘beat connoisseurs’ Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett, the compilation touches on many different angles of ‘this music’. There’s introspective, tripped out and buzzing synth scapes, short popping electronic songs to full-on MPC party thumpers.

Ever since its first releases, almost three years ago, Beat Dimensions has aided the developments in beat orientated music, becoming almost a genre in itself. Releasedate October 6th. Pre-Order now on Rushhour.

Busy – Ecliptic Armilla


Mike Slott – Cadeting