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REPOST: Using “Love Czars” from their Nuclear Evolution album as inspiration, the SA-RA Creative Partners create “Love Czars II”  exclusively for this release. This is not a remix (the music is completely different), and in a clash of heavyweight new schoolers, it features red hot MC/producer Jay Electronica and Ta’Raach on the mic. Also included is “Powder Bump”, a SA-RA track previously unavailable on vinyl.

Please note that this is a very special limited release with the music on one side and the Serato tone on the flip of some very pink vinyl! This is an official Serato Control Vinyl release which works as a conventional 12″ release on Side A, and is a Serato Control Vinyl release on Side B. ubiquity

Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Love Czars II Feat Jay Electronica & Ta’Raach