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Build An Ark, the Los Angeles-based community of singers, and musicians, release their third album ‘Love’ – and their hearts just keep getting bigger.

Build An Ark return with their third album ‘Love’, and their growth – both in sound and players – shows no signs of stopping. This record is their meditation on love – its varying forms and moods, its ecstatic and soothing powers. Build An Ark, under the production of Carlos Niño, have made an album which flows with a real range of volume and density, with arrangements and configurations contrasting against each other. The group has still kept their organic sound while adding several more layers, and charting a distinct progression from their previous two albums.

While Build An Ark is all about the collective expression, there are some notable players, including Impulse! violinist Michael White, singers Mia Doi Todd and Diana Moriera, Tribe co-founder Phil Ranelin, poet Kamau Daaood, spiritual baritone Dwight Trible (The Life Force Trio), and tireless arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, all under the guidance of production standard-bearer Carlos Niño. The sound of ‘Love’ is the sound of a family at one with the universe – and it comes straight from the heart. Jan. 18th, Build an Ark will be playing at the Paradiso in Amsterdam for a One off show. After this they will travel to London to play at the Redbull Broadcast night together with IG Culture. Kindred Spirits.

Build An Ark – How Do We End All This Madness


Build An Ark – Sunflowers In My Garden