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Our friends at Skip Intro contacted us with some nice inside info about a producer who is no stranger to Moovmnt. We wanted to shine some more light on this beat maker and the fact he’ll be performing in Amsterdam…so be prepaired to be enlightened.

Born in Chile and now living in both Berlin and London, fLako is one of Europe’s most promising producers at this moment. Whoever you ask within the electronic/beat world will definetely agree. He contributed the banging “Inside” to UpMyAlley‘s “Beatnicks Vol.2 Sampler” and drew worldwide attention on his production skills in 2008/2009 with his “Vortex Cookies Remix”, a track that made any head at any venue in any city in Europe bang like crazy, and has been championed by beat/dubstep pioneers such as Gaslamp Killer, HudMo, Jay Scarlett and others.

fLako who is a close member of the UpMyAlley family hasn’t  been playing his trademark set of dancefloor killers live that often, being quite selective in what gigs to play.. So far only Vilnius, Cologne, Vienna and London had the honour of having this guy smashing things to bits&pieces live. Amsterdam is next on the map, don’t miss out on this one. November 13th fLako will make you spill your beer, because you won’t be able to stand still once he starts off! Come witness this all and watch fLako kill it live during SKIP INTRO at the Flexbar in Amsterdam. Our buddy Full Crate will be rocking the party as supportive DJ together with Ebokai, O.Boogie & Shady. Also make sure to check out Skip Intro #5, featuring some of fLako’s joints next to other bassheavy hitters.

Kazi – You Wanna Take This (fLako Remix)


fLako – Shoosh


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