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We’ve been meaning to post this one for while, but never got around to it. Devonwho was tweeting about this cat Weslee a while back and we checked out his “The Other Sides Vol. 3” release full of dope beat snippets. Short, but full of potential we were left hungering for more. Luckily we found “The Other Sides Vol. 2” as well and we wouldn’t be Moovmnt now if we didn’t share these two gems with you guys.

Weslee Connerzs currently resides in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Primarily he does folk ballads and plays the midi flute, but whenever he’s not doin that he makes beats. The Other Sides volumes was an experimental attempt to expand his sound and the overall feedback he gets, will determine whether or not he’ll out more of this type of material. A true diamond in the ruff if you ask us and definitely able to develop himself a lot more if he decides to keep on doing beats.

Weslee – Pre-Sequel


Weslee – Astrosmurf