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REPOST: Finally here it is. I know a lot of  you have been waiting for this one to drop! Dizz1 aka Dave Norris is a Sydney native from down under who is about to release a gem on Nod Navigators. This “3rd Time Lucky” EP is a five track masterpiece containing banger upon banger. Mymanhenri was quick on the draw so shouts go out to 92bpm for this one. Also peep the promo video after the jump to get a feel of what the EP’s gonna be like. “3rd Time Lucky” just dropped and to get this neckbreaking vinyl visit our friends at Rushhour. We added another banger from the EP for you to enjoy. So now you’re 100% sure you have to buy this one…right!?

Dizz1 – Here We Go Again


Dizz1 – Somewhat?