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Okay after having visited the very last ‘Once Again’ last night, Mar asked me why this one particular joint wasn’t on Moovmnt. I was explaining we almost never post Dutch hip hop and although this Dean High track “Speciaal” is from a few months back, I came to conclusion I did want to share this one with ya’ll after all. Production wise this is too good to not be heard, so here you guys go. The song features Deventer’s Fata with prettyboy Louis Bordeaux (no homo) on the vocals if I’m correct. Our buddy Nalden hosted Dean’s “The Love” EP which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD! I have to be honest and say that the rhymes are okay, but for me it’s mostly the production that grabbed my attention. Hope you guys like it and seeing it’s kinda quiet in music land this will be a nice thirst quencher. Nice video too which you can admire after the jump…

Dean High – Speciaal Ft. Fata