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Detroit’s been dropping heat lately! Granted this post is a tad bit late, but I couldn’t refrain from posting it anyway since these guys need to be heard. MC’s/producers Quelle Life (out of the Wasted Youth camp) and Denmark Vessey (production for Detroit’s finest including Monica Blaire, D12, Slum Village etc.) met through Wasted Youth member Loose Cannon in 2006. Shortly thereafter the two formed a group called Crown Nation and started rockin’ stages all over Detroit. Last month they blessed us with a few free releases: Quelle’s “Blue Mondays”, Crown Nation’s “Slut Bag Edition” and Awesome in Outer Space’s “Songs About You”.

Upon first listening to Quelle’s “Blue Mondays” I immediately got that feeling I had when I first heard Slum Village’s “Fantastic”. These guys find a unique way of blending an old boombap sound with contemporary hiphop and added a little Detroit twist on top of it. Judge for yourself, check out all three LP’s for FREE over at their website. And if you like them, leave a donation so these guys can keep doing their thing.

Quelle – Special Ingredient

Crown Nation – The Crown