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A few weeks ago we met up with Ty and Erik Rico, who performed at ‘Straight Up Jazz’ @ the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. In this in-depth interview, Ty talks about the hip hop in UK, sheds some light on his upcoming album “A Special Kind of Fool” and tells us how he never wanted UK rappers to ask him for beats. You’d better get you cup of tea, because this is a serious fifteen minute video. Again Joao Costa on camera and edit. He worked a small miracle, because the lighting was awfull at the venue where we shot this. Photo credit goes to PMI.

Deluge and me got to hear some bits of the upcoming Ty album and it honestly sounded very dope. We hope to tickle your ears soon with some exclusive streams, but more of that later! Big up to Raj for connection and we’ll holla when we’re in London in a few months.