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Earlier today my man Full Crate called me up (sick as a dog) about this event Zwoel that’s taking place this Sunday at the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. My man Mar is going to be performing live and also Szjerdene and Rahkshan (both from London) will be present to bless ya’ll with a live show. I know my Amsterdam peoples will be present to show love & support and I invite you all to join us (where’s my Rotterdam crew at?)

Crate hooked us up with 2 x 2 free tickets, so all you’ll have to do to win is comment. The first two people to correctly name the title of the upcoming Full Crate & Mar EP will win the tickets…it’s that easy! Just so you know what you’ll be missing in case you do not show up, we’ve added some audio for you to get ya’ll warmed up. Download Szjerdene’s Live demo HERE for free. Oh and of course the artwork was done by none other than our very own Deluge.

Szjerdene – Drifting


Dorian Concept – Bipolar Friendship (Mar Variation)