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This year we shot a load of video footage, but due to some circumstances we never got around to editing it and bringing it to ya’ll. Since it’s almost Christmas and the year has almost ended, we had to go out with some gifts in the form of some video’s. We shot an epic video last summer starring Exile & DJ Day which never saw the lights of day. It was shot at the Rooms of Red Bull where we hosted the Beat Battle at the Rooms of Red Bull together with Nalden. The only reason why this video never got properly uploaded, was because Vimeo decided to upload the footage, but kept on messing up the aspect ratio in the progress. We tried everything and eventually gave up all hope. Luckily my buddy Joao Costa (who shot and edited all the footage) came with a solution and managed to properly upload it to Vimeo at last. Thanks to Alex, Damien, Jonathan and Olski for meeting up with us. It was a pleasure and we had fun talkin’ bout the funky worm.