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REPOST: No doubt you might’ve read about Georgia Anne Muldrow releasing her “King’s Ballad” album Februari 2010 on Ubiquity. Left to her own devices on Kings Ballad, she has come up with what her partner (MC and producer Dudley Perkins) describes as her most ‘pop’ record to date. Some of you might not embrace this album with open arms, as you’re used to the old Georgia Anne Muldrow. I do advice you all not to judge too soon and wait what this one has in store. We are the first ones to pamper you with a full song, no snippets! Let us know what you think of “Simple Advice” and if you’d like to support and buy Georgia’s music, please visit Georgia Anne Muldrow - King's Ballad this tune or pre-order her album.

Just added the second drop for you listening  pleasure titled “Can’t Stand Yo Love”

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Simple Advice


Georgia Anne Muldrow – Can’t Stand Yo Love