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Dimlite released this intoxicating digital single containing two tracks. If you ask me “Roo (A Dedication)” is pure genius and somehow seems to stir up an array of intricate emotions. Rarely have I heard electronic music get so close to the heart of the matter and touch me in a way I wouldn’t have expected. The flipside, “Feedback Children” is pretty damn tight, but is more of a defuse range of sounds to me.

These two tracks were a part of Dimlite’s aborted 3rd album “Prismic Valuta Rising” and are now exclusively available for download on his Bandcamp page. Parts of named album will be released by Now-Again Records in shape of the “Prismic Tops” EP in 2010, followed by an all-new album, later that year. Also peep the video that dropped earlier this month…it’s a doozy.

Dimlite – Roo (A Dedication)


Dimlite – Feedback Children