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Past Monday marked the 10th anniversary of D’Angelo‘s classic “Voodoo” album. After 10 years of silence, apart from an occasional featuring here and there, one can only wonder if we’ll ever hear a full length D’Angelo album again. And while various sources reported that a lot of new material had been recorded, we hadn’t heard anything other than ?uestlove’s leak of “Really Love” a few years back. However, an unmastered version of a track called “1000 Deaths” popped up a couple of days ago. This track has been referred to as a “psychedelic-soul head trip” by ?uestlove in interviews throughout the years. Engineer & producer Russ Elevado, who worked with D’Angelo on a lot of his new material, also spoke briefly about the track in his classic Q&A’s on the forums:

the song you’re speaking of is actually called “1000 deaths”. and i don’t hear the earth, wind, fire influence. it’s more like a heavy rock/funk vibe. it would be hard for me to rate as it’s every bit of a good D’angelo song than any of his others but it’s also different. there’s some really nice guitar work from him on that song also.

D’Angelo – 1000 Deaths