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It is my pleasure to introduce you all to Pixelord aka Alexey Devyanin. He’s a Moscow-based veteran of experimental music, best-known for his Gultskra Artikler moniker. His debut four-track EP “Lucid Freaks” brings forth a mixture of spliffed-out 8bit riddims, stumbling Hip Hop beats and a pinch of Euro Dance glam. However unique, the weirdo plastic Pop of Glasgow’s Hudson Mowake is echoed in his tunes as well as bass-driven digital Reggae, Jahtari-style. The artwork of L.A. painter Michael Dotson makes the package complete.

This EP is available online in the form of a FREE DOWNLOAD at Error Broadcast. Also peep the remix EP (which drops later today) with remixes by Jameszoo, Coco Bryce and more. Om-Unit, eLan and Vlooper where suppost to be on the remix project too, but I guess it didn’t work out in the end.

Pixelord – Cartoon Friend


Pixelord – Boss Worm (Jameszoo Roparrot Recompose)