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Jay Hats kopie

When our colleagues at Laidback Radio asked us to do the ‘Pick of the Week’, we were like lets do this! Now our very first pick is one that we are truly very excited about. We’ve been friends with Jay Hats for a while and admire his musical genius. Just like LaMelodia, Jay is also from Eindhoven. And next to being a producer, he’s also a sound engineer.

Jay Hats’ music is best described as a crossing between tropical world music (loaded with frantic percussion) and contemporary club music. Jay’s music sounds like an honest breath of fresh air on a warm summer night and we dare you to take a dive into this tropical, future vintage. Let Jay take you on a trip around the world with a wide variety of arrangements cleverly blended into one album.

Together with Jay we’ve been working on getting his debut album the release it deserves and we are happy to inform you that it will be out this summer. Stay tuned on more music from the tall man…soon! Keep smiling bro..oh and follow Jay on Twitter or Facebook!

Jay Hats – Playing Her Feat. Rones (Laidback Intro)