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Stones Throw’s Abassador of Boogie Funk Dãm-Funk did a bangin’ ass cover of “The Things Dreams Are Made Of” by synth-pop band The Human League. Eventhough today is April Fools’ the following is no joke. Shoe brand Dr. Martens celebrates it’s 50-year-anniversary and for this special occasion the brand asked ten modern-day producers to remake a cult classic in their own style. All tracks come with a videoclip and man is this one crazy! FREE download of course..

As if this wasn’t enough…Dãm-Funk will be performing at Boogie Bash on April 9th. KC the Funkaholic is bringing back the Boogie so get your ass over to the Paradiso next week. In addition Damon will also be dropping by the MiNiBAR earlier that evening to give ya’ll a taste of what the night at Boogie Bash has in store for you. Bring your marker and your entire Dãm-Funk collection to get everything autographed by the master of Funk himself. More info on Boogie Bash next week..

Dam-Funk – Things That Dreams Are Made Of