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When miss Fatima (Eglo Fam) was in Rotterdam last year, I asked her which female vocalists she really liked. She told me that her half sister (who she met at a very late stage in her life) turned out to be a fantastic singer. I thought she was pulling my chain, but the plot thickens. Young Swedish Seinabo is actually a very dope vocalist and she’s getting ready to dazzle the world. Together with Frank Nobel she started a group called Def Chronic and here is a sneak preview of things to come. You know where you heard it first..let us know what you think of this upcoming project. Check out what Seinabo had to say her self.

Woke up early this morning, took a long walk home from my uncles house. Realized that it’s up to me and only me to become who I want to be. I need to get this show out of my head and on to a stage. So I decided to let you all hear what has been on store waiting for warmer days, decided to wear the summer dress even though some people still think it’s too cold outside, Ya feel me?!
These snippets are previews, the fruit of a week in January, me, Frank and a whole lot of coffee. It’s not properly mixed just yet, that’s why I’m calling it RAW. But soon enough it’s going to be READY, little 3 plus minutes soundtracks of our life’s. Downloadable, danceable, singalongable, viewable, funkable little keys to a dream. Get ready for the EP , DEF CRONIC oooweeee.