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Blen rough

You might gave heard about Africa HiTech on the low or heard some exclusives on Benji B‘s Deviation. I’ve always loved “Too Late” which was on the RBMA “Various Assets” CD and last year Warp released a compilation (2010 from Warp Records) with “Blen” on it. Both were probably the fruit of a remarkable cooperation between Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek at the Red Bull Music Academy 2007 in Toronto….thus forming Africa HiTech. This contemporary mix of Dubstep and Soultronica has people going nuts and of course we’ve been pumping this for a minute. I can easily say this is one of the most anticipated releases coming out this year.

Their first official 12″ is a fact and will be dropping next week on Warp. It contains a “Blen”, plus a remix and a brand new track called “The Sound of Tomorrow”. It’s already available on vinyl at Rush Hour for the early birds with a craving for vinyl instead of worms. Expect their EP to drop soon as well, but in the meantime lets focus on the 12″ and let it take you there.

Africa HiTech – The Sound of Tomorrow (snippet)


Africa HiTech – Too Late Ft. Rio (Various Assets 2007)