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A few weeks back Dimlite pleasantly surprised me with his set at the Brainfeeder/RBMA gig in Fabric, London. It was the first time I heard Dimlite sing, and as you might hear in Sun-Sized Twinkles Dimlite tweeked his own voice to complete his new psychedelic beat constructions. Though I am usually more into the soul/hiphop/beat minded side of Dimlite, I can honestly say that Dimlite created his own unique style, and this new “Prismic Tops” album might just be my favourite Dimlite release. You can pre-order it now on CD or vinyl via Rush Hour or visit Stones Throw for your digital cravings.

Dimlite – On The Same Picture Feat. Elan Tamara (128 kbps)


Dimlite – Sun-Sized Twinkles (128 kbps)