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Eventhough Belgians are a strange species…I like them. We met one of their kind that goes by the name Alex from On-Point last month at Plastic People (Theo Parrish). To my big surprise Alex shot me a message this weekend saying: “If you sleep on this one, you’d better stop blogging”. I was shocked to have received this threat and got ready to pack up my stuff, shut the website down and go find another hobby untill I decided to actually listen to what Alex sent me 😉

I must admit these alien sounds did take some getting used to, but my peoples from UpHigh Collective managed to “Blend” me over. On the flip you can find Title with “Caravan” and in case you need any more info on this double sided 7″…it can be found HERE. If you were wondering where to buy this foreign product…please visit Rush Hour to pre-order. Remember this is a limited release (only 500 copies) and it drops this weekend.

UpHigh Collective – Blend (snippet)