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Whut?!?! Volume 4 already? The Hi-Hat Club is on a roll and this time they present volume 4: “Chop Shop” by Brenk (Vienna) and Fid Mella (Italy). Last year we already informed you this guy Brenk cooks up one killer Gumbo! This Austrian heayweight beatchampion has produced for the likes of Guilty SimpsonMC Eiht and Miles Bonny. He introduces his protegee, the Italian beatmaker Fid Mella, with this cats like Kev Brown and EdO G.

Enough with the name calling already…these cats are just on sum next shit. Melting Pot is starting pre-sale in two weeks, but in the meantime they were so nice to share this with us. Enjoy these high quality leaks and this summer I heard Full Crate & FS Green are doing volume 5! BUY CHOPSHOP HERE NOW

Brenk – Concrete Jungle


Fid Mella – Worms