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Wonderful Noise…for some a steady supplier of good music and for others a distant record label somewhere in Japan. Since I stumbled onto some upcoming goodies to be released in the near future, I decided to share some of this wonderful noise with you guys. The first being a 12″ by Opensouls featuring Ladi 6 called “Sweetlove” containing a bad ass Mabanua remix (one of Japans sickest upcoming producers). The original was produced by Julien Dyne and what a coincidence…he’s on the next wonderful project as well.

Erik L and Stray team up to form the duo Favorite Flava and it is this group that I was talking about. “LOVE” is the a-side of this upcoming 12″ and Julien Dyne delivers one heck of a remix.¬†Watch for this to drop June 1st and this summer we can expect their “Different Phase” album.

Opensouls Feat. Ladi 6 – Sweetlove (Mabanua Remix)


Favorite Flava – LOVE (Julien Dyne Remix)