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Here’s that new shit from the one called Oddisee. In a years time we were treated to “Odd Summer”, “Odd Autumn”, “Odd Winter” and finally “Odd Spring”. Now that the “Odd Seasons” are complete he’ll be pressing them on vinyl in a lovely box set that will contain all four seasons. So yes, the time will come when you’ll be able to support and purchase, but for now grab this FREE DWNLD! Shout out to Put Me On It for promoting this release.

We streamed at a 128kbps bitrate, so head on over to Oddisee’s Bandcamp to download the entire “Odd Seasons” set in high quality. The last and 4th installment is here and has some guest features that makes your mouth water. OlivierDaySoul contributes to 1 of my favorite track on the album…“In The Now” while Muneshine and Oddisee himself team up and explain us how life is a “Two Way Street”. Here’s what Oddisee had to say about the project.

Well here it is… has it really been a year? You know, When I first got in to music I did it purely for the fun and excitement of it. As the seasons came an went my hobby transformed into a full on career. The “Odd Seasons” series was a way for me to be creative for no reason other that creativity. That’s why they’ve been free releases. In order to remind my self why I do music, I have to allow some of my works to be created and released for well…. I hate to say it but…. “The Love”

Oddisee – In The Now Ft. OlivierDaySoul


Odisee – Two Way Street Ft. Muneshine