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Our first impression of Ryan was that he was one hell of a friendly RBMA participant and this impression got confirmed just now when we asked about his new “Titan” EP. Mr. Illum Sphere sent it over in mear minutes and we gave it a quick listen. I definitely hear a bit more House influences when I compare this release to his previous two EP’s on Fat City. Impressive nevertheless and I bet Martyn was thinking the same thing when he decided to bring this out on his 3024 label. This 3-track release on sees him moving into slightly more dance-oriented waters yet keeping it wonkey. I really like “Technopolis” is because of it’s tumbling piano keys hoisted aloft on a pulsing techno beat and misty-eyed chords. To listen to the whole thing…head on over to Illum Sphere - Titan - EP to purchase the Titan EP.

Illum Sphere – Technopolis