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“Selective Hearing part 2” picks up where part 1 left off. Kev Brown and LMNO created this album as a homage to James Brown. Selective Hearing Part 2 was recorded together at the Technicali Lab in Southern California during Kev Brown’s various trips to the West Coast. Entirely produced by Kev Brown, the two also decided that it was only right to have both LMNO and Kev rapping on each track, as opposed to their first album where Kev was only featured on a handful, vocally. Below you can check out the first single “Ya Know”, plus “James Brown” which is my favorite track on the album. You can get it on Kev Brown & LMNO - Selective Hearing, Pt. 2 - James Brown now. [Up Above Records]

LMNO & Kev Brown – James Brown


LMNO & Kev Brown – Ya Know