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Last year the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble recorded five re-reworkings during one of their many stays in Dublin with Choice Cuts. Hypno-tizing hip-hop, indie, dancepop and afrobeat are the main ingredients for their latest “heritage” EP. They cover Jay Z, Fela, Art Of Noise, Outkast and Madlib & MF Doom. I think the HBE has really outdone themselves this time. My two favs are “Water” and “Spottie”. Grab the latter of the two which was a gift from mark from Choice Cuts. Hurry up and Pre-order this EP over at Rush Hour, cuz this is a limited 12″ release. The artwork kinda reminds me of the that Hidden Strength album, but that’s because of the colours and the pyramid.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Spottie